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Airgle 空氣淨化系統


NASA-trusted brand

Airgle為NASA信任的空氣淨化系統,在太空飛行方面提供 空氣淨化技術支援。NASA採用Airgle專業空淨化機並設置 於內部操作室及公眾開放展覽場地。Airgle同時亦獲美國 環境保護局、美國聯邦貿易局及美國肺健康協會認可。

Airgle is NASA's trusted air purification system, providing air purification technical support in space flight. NASA uses Airgle professional air purifiers and is installed in internal operation rooms and public exhibition venues. Airgle is also recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Federal Trade Administration, and the US Lung Health Association.


Used by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia

在2016年,沙特國王的醫療顧問團針對皇宮的呼吸安全及 空氣質素指標,在全球採購合適的空氣淨化機,Airgle憑 超卓的空氣淨化效能,獲沙特皇室大規模採用。沙特醫療 顧問團購入300台Airgle AG900空氣淨化機,並安裝在宮 殿的多個行宮和會議室。

In 2016, the Saudi King ’s Medical Advisory Group purchased the appropriate air purifiers globally for the respiratory safety and air quality indicators of the Royal Palace. Airgle was adopted by the Saudi royal family on a large scale for its excellent air purification performance. The Saudi Medical Advisory Group purchased 300 Airgle AG900 air purifiers and installed them in various palaces and conference rooms in the palace.