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TOSHIBA-Guangbei Clean Photocatalyst Spray (150ml)

100% imported from Japan

Main ingredients: photocatalyst (tungsten oxide), ethanol, deionized water.

Product features: It can continuously inhibit bacteria, deodorize and decompose VOC under weak light.

Objects used: walls, sofas, curtains, carpets, car mats, ceilings, etc.

Avoid using it on leather surfaces, home computers, switch sockets, artworks, and catering supplies.

Note: This product contains alcohol. Please do not spray directly on humans and pets to avoid allergies and other discomforts. Keep away from fire and place it out of children's reach.

Safe storage: Store in an environment of 10℃-40℃ and avoid light.

Shelf life: 36 months

Capacity: 150 ml


TOSHIBA-Guangbei Clean Photocatalyst Spray (150ml)

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