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安裝/上牆|Installation/Wall-mounting service

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  • $300/ 件|$300/item
  • 客戶處


條款及細則: 此服務必須於送貨時同時使用,安裝及上牆地址必須與購買產品的送貨地址相同。 此服務只適用於 亞太綠色產品有限公司 售賣之指定貨品。上牆貨品必須整件安裝及上牆,恕不接受貨品分拆部分上牆。 產品上牆服務保養只適用於鑽牆方式上牆,如需以其他方式,例如 玻璃膠,3M™超強力雙面膠貼 等其他方式上牆。亞太綠色產品有限公司 恕不提供保養服務。 收貨人需年滿18歲或以上並為你或貴公司/機構的授權代表,任何收貨人的指示、所提供的信息或行爲均代表你本人或貴公司/機構。 亞太綠色產品有限公司 保留解釋及修訂此服務之條款及細則之權利。 Terms and Conditions: This service MUST be used together with the delivery services. The installation and wall-mounting services MUST be carried out at the same address as the delivery address for the products. This service offers for selected APAC Green Products Limited products ONLY. Products to be wall-mounted MUST include all parts of the specified product purchased. This service does not apply to partial wall-mounting. The warranty for wall-mounting service only applies to the wall-drilling method. If you need to use other methods for the wall-mounting services, such as using glue, 3M™ super-strong double-sided foam tape, etc. APAC Green Products Limited would not provide any warranty service. The person receiving the goods at your delivery address shall be over 18 years of age and shall be deemed your or the company/organization authorized representative and that any instructions/information provided and act done by such authorized representative shall be deemed instructions/information provided and act done by you or the company/organization. APAC Green Products Limited reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein.



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