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Airgle AG600 Air Purifier

Airgle  AG600 is suitable for users with infants, elderly, pets and people suffering from respiratory diseases at home.


Airgle AG600 is equipped with H14 medical grade cHEPA purification and U.S. patented UVC sterilization technology, which can filter 99.999% of harmful particles as small as 0.003 microns, and completely remove PM2.5, dust, smoke, odor, formaldehyde, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, animal skins The patented Titanium Pro photocatalyst UVC sterilization component can kill bacteria and decompose formaldehyde VOC more powerfully and effectively.



  • Body shell: aluminum alloy
  • Product Weight:  16kg
  • Size(mm)  [Include scroll wheel]:  390(D) x  380(W) x 520(H)
  • Dimensions (mm) [Excluding rollers]:  390(D) x  380(W) x 460(H)
  • Wind speed: 5 sections
  • Output air volume (cubic meters/hour):
  • 65/ 112/196/280/386
  • Noise (dB):
  • 33/ 41/ 50/ 58/ 65



  • Smoke: 325  Cubic meter/hour

  • Dust: 335  Cubic meter/hour

  • Pollen: 325  Cubic meter/hour

  • Formaldehyde: 212  Cubic meter/hour


Purification space area:

  • 1480 square feet (1 air change per hour)

  • 740 square feet (2 air changes per hour)

  • 493 square feet (3 air changes per hour)

  • 370 square feet (4 air changes per hour)

  • 296 square feet (5 air changes per hour)




  • H14 medical grade cHEPA filter

  • Activated carbon filter

  • Titanium Pro photocatalyst UVC sterilization components


  • Made in USA
  • *Recommended by NASA (NASA)
  • Aluminum alloy body with super electrostatic machine
  • Rated as the highest clean air output rate (CADR) air purifier by AHAM for 9 consecutive years
  • Medical-grade H13 cHEPA filter double filtration purifies 99.9% of particles as small as 0.01 micron, supplemented by a powerful UV photocatalyst system for sterilization
  • Strongly remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, VOC, peculiar smell, etc.


Airgle AG600 Air Purifier

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