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Airgle AG800 Air Cleaner

Airgle AG800 combines advanced HEPAfast rapid filtration technology, which is 40% more efficient than traditional HEPA technology. It is certified by AHAM as the highest air cleaning capacity CADR air purifier, which can quickly remove PM2.5, dust, smoke, odor, formaldehyde, pollen, and dust A variety of pollutants such as mites, mold spores, animal dander, bacteria and viruses have comprehensive performance and are suitable for indoor environments such as general homes and offices.


  • Body shell: aluminum metal
  • Product net​ Weight: 23.7kg
  • Dimensions (mm) [including rollers]: 635(H) x 450(W) x 485(D)

    Dimensions (mm) [Excluding rollers]: 550(H) x 450(W) x 485(D)

  • Wind speed: 5​ part
  • Output air volume (cubic meters/hour): 183/251/316/392/680
  • Wind speed: 5​ part

  • Air output (cubic meters/hour): 204/280/357/443/765

  • Noise (dB): 33/45/50/58/66

  • Power consumption (Watts): 28/40/53/66/105



  • Smoke: 765  Cubic meter/hour

  • Dust: 680  Cubic meter/hour

  • Pollen: 765  Cubic meter/hour

  • Formaldehyde: 355  Cubic meter/hour

Purified space area (assuming a height of 2.4 meters) 3411 square feet / 319 square meters (1 air change per hour) 1,705 square feet / 159 square meters (2 air changes per hour) 1137 square feet / 106 square meters per hour 3 air changes) 853 square feet / 80 square meters (4 air changes per hour) 698 square feet / 64 square meters (5 air changes per hour)



  • HEPAfast filter (area: 5.8 square meters) super activated carbon filter (amount of activated carbon: 2.5 kg)
  • Optional upgrade to H14 class cHEPA filter (area: 5.5 square meters) super activated carbon filter (amount of activated carbon: 2.6 kg)

Special feature:

  • ​ >99% filtration efficiency (after upgrading the H14 cHEPA filter, the filtration efficiency reaches 99.999%)

  • 40% higher than traditional HEPA technology

  • Excellent formaldehyde removal efficiency, exceeding the highest national F4 standard

  • 100% high pressure fully sealed

  • Aluminum body and filter encapsulation

  • U.S. FDA registered medical equipment

  • American AHAM certified clean air volume

  • U.S. ARB Zero Ozone Guarantee

  • U.S. Energy Star Certification

  • U.S. ETL electronic safety certification

  • Electrical product safety standards:

    • IEC60335-1

    • IEC60335-2

Airgle AG800 Air Cleaner

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