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HAL Technology - Hand-Held Formaldehyde Detector - HAL-HFX105

It is composed of electrochemical sensor, sampling pump and microprocessor. Real-time measurement of formaldehyde (HCHO) concentration in ppm.
Measurement data can be downloaded via USB.

Large detection range-10ppm detection, in line with civil and special environment testing large data storage capacity, can store 500 sets of data for quick response, no preparation time,
Fast sampling real-time detection, no need to install the test sample backlight display, can be detected in a dark environment
USB connection, high-speed data transmission

Application range:
Can be widely used in furniture, flooring, wallpaper, paint, gardening, interior decoration, dyes, paper, pharmaceuticals, medical, food, antiseptic, disinfection, fertilizers, resins, adhesives and pesticides, raw materials, samples, processes and breeding plants, Waste treatment plants, hair salons, garages and warehouses, and other living places.

Product Specifications:
Gas detection: formaldehyde detection range in the air: 0~10ppm
Detection time: T90 <50 seconds Resolution: 0.01 ppm
Sensor: Electrochemical unit: ppm
Sampling method: pumping Memory: can store 500 sets of data and data download interface: USB
Working environment: 5~40℃, humidity<90%RH
Storage environment: -20~50℃, <90%RH
Power supply: Lithium-ion polymer battery, capacity: 900mAh (continuous use> 3 hours)
Dimensions: 80 (W) × 36 (D) × 150 (H) mm Weight: about 200 grams

HAL Technology - Hand-Held Formaldehyde Detector - HAL-HFX105

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